Sandra Stanger, High End RetouchIn 2010, I used to spend some free time learning photoshop, focused in web designs. But my life took a turn when I discovered photo editing. I didn’t know at the moment, but it would become my passion.

Little by little I learned some techniques, how to understand color, trends and most importantly what each image needed. I have managed to give a each one unique style. Style which enhances the quality of the original work, something that my clients have appreciated and praised in countless opportunities.

Besides that, my commitment to work goes beyond the professional, because today the retouching is my life. Seven years ago I would never have imagined working with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models, agencies and others. I’m very proud knowing that a significant amount of these works have been carried in magazines, advertising campaigns, etc..

I would like you could also appreciate all these years of effort and dedication. Thus, I invite you to see my portfolio and discover my art. If you like my job, you want to contact me or just send me your opinion. Do not hesitate to go to the contact section, and send me a message, I will be happy to answer.

Many thanks in advance to those who have made with me on this trip and I welcome those who from now on want to accompany me.